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Back Description and use If an option writer owns the underlying security when the option is sold, the position is called a Covered Call. If the writer does not own the papers, it is called a Naked Call.

részvényopciós stratégia

A Covered Call position is the purchase of the share and the agreement to sell the share if the option is exercised.

The position is covered, because the possible delivery of the share is covered by the share already held in the portfolio.

Opció típusai

Writing an option without a share purchase is called a naked option writing. If the writer decides after how large increase in the share price should the részvényopciós stratégia be closed, then the Short Call option should be sold with that strike price. Then the investor will not be waiting for a higher price to sell and he will keep the premium.

részvényopciós stratégia

The covered obligation to sell is a popular investment strategy. The obligation to sell grants that the share sale will happen the planned way with the planned price.

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Sometimes the investor does not want to keep a share for too long but does not want to sell when the difference between részvényopciós stratégia purchase price and the prompt price is already at the same level a legminimálisabb bináris opciók when he purchased the shares. The Covered Call strategy is perfect to solve this issue.

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The investor expects constant increase on the market. With the increasing prices, the option can be exercised and the profit can be realised. When the prices fall, the sold option expires without being exercised and the premium can be kept.

részvényopciós stratégia

The strategy is a net debit investment. Usually the trading takes place on a monthly basis. The maximum profit is limited from above részvényopciós stratégia the share price equals the strike price at expiration.

részvényopciós stratégia

Therefore, a Részvényopciós stratégia Call position is the purchase of the share and the agreement to sell the share if the option is exercised. Type: Neutral, Bullish.